“Who TF Did I Marry-” TikToker Reesa Teesa Details the Most Painful Part of Her Marriage

TikTok Star Reesa Teesa Recalls "Most Painful" Part of Marriage

TikToker Reesa Teesa is recalling one of the most difficult memories of her life.

The social media star, who inadvertently took over the internet with her 50-part series detailing how her marriage fell apart, is sharing insight into what she confirms to be the most painful part of her relationship with a man she says is a "pathological liar."

In her series, Reesa—whose real name has been withheld for privacy reasons—said she found out her ex lied about everything, including his job as the vice president of production at a condiment company. And as she explained, those revelations came after she became pregnant and subsequently had a miscarriage.

Now, she's looking back at the experience, sharing that her ex—a man she's referred to as Legion—was not present for her at the hospital after a procedure, citing a conflict with his work schedule.

"The part that still makes me, that I struggle with," she told Good Morning America host Robin Roberts on March 4, "is you pretended to be your own executive assistant when I was texting you to say I'm in pre-op."

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"So, there was never an executive assistant," she continued. "You were never in a meeting; you simply just did not take me to the hospital when I lost our child."

“Who TF Did I Marry-” TikToker Reesa Teesa Details the Most Painful Part of Her Marriage

ICYMI, Reesa captured the attention of TikTok and beyond after breaking down her past relationship in a multi-part series, sharing that after falling in love with a man she met on Facebook during the pandemic, she began uncovering his web of lies, which included everything from his financial status to his family ties (or lack thereof).

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And as the Atlanta native noted, though she was initially hesitant about detailing her story with the world, Reesa wanted to share her experience as a lesson learned for others moving forward.

"I was nervous but ultimately I decided, if you're going to tell this story," she told GMA, "tell the whole story. I also really truly believe this story will help somebody."

It's a sentiment that the TikToker previously shared has already come to life.

"Whether you agree with me and my decisions or not," she told NBC News in an interview published Feb. 22, "I wanted it to create conversation about the things that we ignore because we want what we want or we're in a hurry."

As she put it, "I've started giving myself grace as I'm reading messages from other women who've gone through the same thing. Because for the longest time after the story was released, it did feel like I was the only one who fell for this."

E! News previously reached out to Reesa and did not hear back.

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